Published by  William C Mirahem


This website is dedicated to promoting civilized conduct . An attempt is made to draw attention to the fact that there is more to our collective future than accumulation of wealth and hedonistic existence . 

A close look at the historical antecedents that led to our status quo will be examined . Our civilization so far was guided by natural law and the instinct of survival rather than human ingenuity. The post economic era will not materialize as predicted because of our inability to transcend ourselves and the destructive tendencies of human nature that disrupted the natural development of society.  Destructiveness is the outcome of frustrated misdirected energy   .  Human kind is wired to be creative and when creativity is opposed destructiveness results in an attempt to overcome impotence.

Unless the post economic era materializes human behavior will remain unstable as a result of the instinct of survival.

Given these limitations how can we improve our socioeconomic systems ?. Many of the ideas expressed are no more than extensions of what is already well known . A synthesis of these timeless ideas based on current world circumstances is our ultimate goal.

Problems are easily identified but because of the nature of their complexity solutions are difficult o implement even if they are identified . To untangle a path of chaotic development requires long range coordinated planning. Most of us are driven by instincts that prevent implementing changes that take effect beyond our lifespan. Someday this obstacle will be removed, perhaps by a property of natural law that has remained so far dormant !

William Mirahem